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The Heat Is On All Year Round

By: Annie Bates

There was a time when pool owners are always frustrated by the inability of their pools to operate all year round. During winter months or even during cold weather, the swimming pool cannot be used as it is freezing cold. Unless it is hosting a swimming party of those Russian ice swimmers then the swimming pool is virtually useless for the entire duration of the cold weather. Worse if it is outdoor, even a gloomy windy day can make the water unbearable. Maybe if the swimmers are dressed in sweaters but then that would be so ridiculous.

For a swimming pool to be used during cold weather is to provide it with hot water - lots of it. If only one can just heat it up like a giant teapot, swimmers would be able to enjoy a warm swim right in the middle of winter. Realistically, it is hard to continuously heat the pool especially given its big area. Its exposure to the elements makes it susceptible. Cold air brought about by the bombarding winds can easily cool even a big area and volume of water.

A pool owner 's woe due to cold weather and the winter season can be remedied by pool heater which are widely available nowadays. There are several types of heaters which can guarantee warm water for swimming pool all year round. There are powered by Propane or Natural gas and even solar power. Surely most ideal is the solar heaters which is the cheapest among the three. Still Propane or Natural gas pool heaters are reliable as they can rise up to expectations even in cloudy days.

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