Marathon Runners, Beware Of Your Heart!

Indeed, jogging is very good for your heart and blood vessel. However, jogging is not same with the harder sport, like marathon.

According to an expert from Greek, the marathon runners have the bigger risk to be rigid, so the blood flows fast. Indeed, hard sport is bad for heart because it can cause the artery hardening and increase the blood pressure, heart attack, and even dead.

Dr. Despina Kardara from Athens Medical School also states that if you do not do sport, the risk for you to get cardiovascular disease will be high. It is the same thing as overdoing sport. The cardiovascular system is like the machine of sport car. If you do not use it in long term, it can be broken. But, if you use it excessively, the machine can be burn.

The result of the research shows that marathon runners have systolic blood pressure that is higher than that in people who are not marathon athlete. Then, researchers conclude that hard sport can increase the risk to get the blood vessel rigidity. The rigid artery can cause you to get high blood pressure and break the function of your heart. Commonly, the aorta rigidity is the indicator of cardiovascular disease and the artery hardening.

There are many reasons for the artery rigidity that happens in marathon athlete. One of the reasons is doing too extreme sport. This kind of sports will cause you to get over depression in the wall of artery, so your artery works too hard.

That is why, hard sport athletes should pay attention to the amount and volume of their exercise programs. It is suggested for them to be accompanied by their doctor, especially before they exercise intensely like running.