The Undertaker Puts An End To Shawn Michael's Career

Those who thought it was a gimmick have been proven wrong. Shawn Michaels, the incomparable Heart Break Kid, indeed retired after losing his Wrestlemania battle against the Undertaker. His "Career vs. Streak" matchup against the Undertaker, in spite of keeping Bret Hart vs. Vince McMahon's "No Holds Barred" match under consideration, was perhaps the most interesting matchup in this year's Wrestlemania. Fans experienced the same match last year and it was an epic battle. This year, these two veterans of WWE excelled their last year's performance. It seemed the match would never end, neither the fans wanted it to. Numerous Tombstones and Sweet Chin Musics built up the epic clash between WWE's two of the greatest ever titans. None of the wrestlers was able to beat the opponent down for three counts. Finally Undertaker, apparently stunned by Shawn's determination, delivered the most deadly Tombstone of his career that stopped the career of the "Show Stopper".

The atmosphere was just perfect at the backstage to thank Shawn Michaels for all his hard work. The official website of WWE has posted a video footage of Shawn after his retirement match against Undertaker. It shows that Michaels got a standing ovation and a kiss from his wife. It also proved how time mends all wounds. You can see Bret the "Hit Man" Hart offering his genuine respect to the man who played an integral role in his controversial WWE departure years ago and satisfied Michaels graciously embracing Hart's gesture. As his role of a regular performer is over, both WWE and Shawn is yet to decide the possibilities of his return to the ring for promotions or any special matches anytime soon. After the match, Jerry "The King" Lawler, as a representative of WWE Universe, rightly said, "Shawn, it's over. Goodbye. We will miss you."