How To Build A Chicken Coop Using Ready-Made Plans

By: Rin Otori

A lot of people who would like to raise chickens get discouraged when they find out how expensive a pre-made chicken pen can be. Even if they would like to make their own coops, they may not know how to build a chicken coop. However, ready-made plans are now available in the internet and anybody who knows basic carpentry can easily make a chicken house.

Before you start looking for ready-made plans online, you must decide how big you want the coop to be. The size of your hen house will depend on the number of birds you plan to keep. Choose a suitable design and get the plans for the design. The plan should be able to show you exactly how to build the chicken coop. Keep the plans as simple as possible.

The chicken house should be designed to protect the birds from predators. It should also give shelter to the chickens and keep them safe, comfortable and dry. Hens need a dark area where they can lay eggs. The chicken coop should have a nesting area and the eggs should be easy to collect.

The chicken pen should also be easy to clean. Sanitation is necessary to prevent pests and diseases from spreading. The chicken house should have proper ventilation to prevent toxic gases from building up. A good design should have provisions for ventilation holes and they should be covered with heavy wire mesh to keep out predators.

Choose the ideal location for the chicken house. It should be built in an area where the chickens can be safe from flooding, strong winds and rain.

You can build a low-cost chicken coop if you use affordable and cost-effective materials. Assemble all the materials that you will need. If you choose a simple, ready-made design that is easy to follow, the chicken pen you build will provide an economical and comfortable home for your birds.