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Compression Socks Help To Correct Foot Circulation

By: Jeremy P Stanfords

Compression socks have been used by athletes, diabetics, pregnant women, travelers, and people in many other circumstances to treat a range of problems, from simply easing the discomfort of standing on one's feet all day to preventing potentially dangerous blood clots. These garments are a very simple solution to a number of health conditions. Some of them are temporary, others more long-lasting and devastating.

People whose work requires them to stay on their feet for hours at a time, pregnant women, and others who have to contend with the pain, fatigue, and numbness of swollen legs, ankles, and feet can turn to support socks, also called compression socks. These socks work by putting pressure around the ankle and various other parts of the leg in order to keep the blood flowing and to prevent blood clots from forming. They can alleviate pain from swelling, improve blood circulation, and regulate the temperature of the covered body parts.

These garments can help prevent or minimize varicose veins. Varicose veins are veins that have weakened, and become enlarged from excess blood pooling in the vein. Spider veins are a milder and more common form of this condition. Gravity combined with the extensive use of certain body parts draws blood to these particular veins, where blood pools and sometimes has difficulty leaving or returning to the heart. This is the very picture of poor blood circulation. Ulcers and blood clots may result from varicose veins.

Wearing compression socks can help keep veins from becoming engorged with blood. Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is when a blood clot forms in a vein. This could happen if someone stays in one position for a very long time, such as sitting on an airplane during a flight. DVT can develop into a more serious condition. One deadly example is pulmonary embolism (PE), which is when a blood clot travels to the lungs. Wearing compression socks can prevent such blood clots from forming. For people with type II diabetes, their blood sometimes has trouble reaching extremities like the feet. Their extremities might feel cold because of this poor blood circulation. At the very least, socks can keep them warm.

Compression socks can also help keep the blood flowing for people who suffer from poor circulation. Compression socks are approved and recommended by medical doctors as an easy way to treat and prevent a variety of health conditions. They are approved and recommended by medical doctors. For the best results, wear them on a regular basis.

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