What Are The Best Mlm Leads?

If you're in a position where you need to purchase MLM leads there are many companies out there offering fresh qualified leads but in honesty I would only call genealogy leads...why? These are experienced network marketers and the numbers dictate that 97%+ of these will either be (or soon become) dissatisfied with their current network.

Many of these will leave the industry for good but many, like you and I, will have caught the bug, and will be looking for a new opportunity. They will be resistant at first, wouldn't you? The goal is to get their authority to email or mail some information to them. Bear in mind what your company, or you, has to offer - it needs to be something they value, but was not existent in their current situation. This could be better teaching and mentoring by you, a better product, better pay plan or less onerous policies and procedure.

The reason they are unhappy may not be apparent immediately. Your goal is to get information to them and create a dialogue which over time may divulge what they dislike about their current company, and this could be your window of opportunity.

In my opinion, the absolute best MLM leads available is a genealogy list of a closed down MLM, or one you know is in trouble. You'll need to move fast, but if you get some key players in you could well find that whole down lines follow very soon.

In all this please remember to deal with these people with respect and be sure that your opportunity is the best out there. If it isn't then I suggest you hold fire. If you're not convinced it's
the best, then what's stopping your new distributor moving on again when he receives a call from someone who has bought the genealogy list for your organisation and is with the best?

Play the long game. Network marketing when done properly, should be with you for many years. In many ways it's like a wedding and it's absolutely crucial you marry the right company...or it'll end in tears.

Learn live and succeed,
Joe Cagus.