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A Review Of The Motorola Flipout

By: Emma Rosher

Motorola are renowned fro producing innovative mobile handsets, and this point is brilliantly illustrated with their latest phone, the Flipout, an unusual looking handset with great specification.

With regards to design the Motorola Flipout is certainly an unusual looking handset, but this is no bad thing with such an array of clones and copycat designs currently available. The dimensions of the phone are the first thing to grab your attention. Measuring 67 x 67 x17 mm, the phone is perfectly square from the front, with the 17mm depth allowing the manufacturers to house a 5 line Qwerty keypad physically beneath the screen for people who love to message or e mail. The screen on the phone is a 2.8" display capable of displaying QVGA quality, which is a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. The touchscreen dominates almost the entire front of the compact unit, with all physical buttons neatly hidden away. The screen is hinged, so rather than a slider design the screen pivots to reveal the keypad. This means that you may only want to perform this function when messaging or e mailing, leaving you with a relatively large screen on a very compact design for the majority of the phones use. The 5 line keypad is laid out in the traditional Qwerty design, but does leave a single numeric row of keys as well, allowing you to keep text input and numeric input separate.

The Motorola Flipout is another of the manufacturers handsets to run on the Android operating system. Offering version 2.1, Android seems to have become the platform of choice for many companies thanks to its user friendliness and ability to offer superb web connectivity, social networking facilities and entertainment options to consumers. The fact that Android allows almost unlimited access to developers means the system is always changing thanks to new apps and ideas that are being developed. The Flipout uses Motorolas own MotoBlur technology to make the whole user experience on the phone enjoyable and innovative. Motoblur is a clever way of storing a lot of your information together in one place. Social Networking fans will be attracted to this feature as it supports Facebook, Twitter and Myspace, and means you don't have to log in every time you want to view a site and automatically keeps you up to date on what is happening with your network of friends.

The Motorola Flipout is sure to win many admirers when it is released this summer thanks to its excellent eye catching design coupled with the superb MotoBlur facilities and great connectivity. Teens and social networking fans will certainly be wowed by this impressive handset.

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