What Is Charity?

A charity is an organization which exists primarily to enable one group to help another group, whether it is a group of people, animals, nature or another cause. Many of the best-known charities were set up by people who felt passionate about a situation or subject that they believed was wrong or preventable. Almost every group who starts a charity has incredible passion and drive for their cause, and have chosen to take a stand for what they believe in. The majority of charities possess the same goal: to annihilate the problem they are against and cease to exist. Unfortunately, most charities are unable to attain that goal as either the problems are too large for one charity to annihilate, or not enough people are donating or becoming involved. Charity work is a community effort, not simple a job for a single person or group. By definition the act of charity is generous actions or donations to aid the poor, the ill, or those who are unable to help themselves. However to the recipients, charity is much more than a simple definition or abstract concept in which most people rarely think about.

To the starving, charity is having food. To the naked, charity is being given clothes. To the homeless, a place to sleep, and to the sick, charity is having relief from illness. A person who makes $12,000 per year is among the top 10% most wealthy people in the world, and yet most people in North America are unwilling to open their wallets to help those in need.

Charity is helping those who cannot help themselves, and those who cannot help themselves appreciate every cent that is given to them. Many charities strive to provide relief for those in impoverished countries who are on the brink of death; however these charities often do not make it in time to save lives, as not enough people have contributed to that particular cause. If even 1000 people donated $10, the charity would have $10,000 to provide immediate relief and save more lives. Every dollar counts and every person who participates in donating their time or resources is helping make a difference in the lives of others.

Often people think of giving as simply offering spare change to a church donation box or homeless person, however there are many other ways to donate. For instance, sacrificing money or time so that others can have food or clothes is a common practise. Many charitable people use their holiday time to volunteer with a charity, or sacrifice purchasing an item for themselves to give that money to a charity. People who feel strongly about making difference in their world will actively search for ways to contribute.

Most people are unaware that they can actually earn a separate income while simultaneously donating to charity. Purpose Marketing is a new concept in which network marketing companies donate a percentage of their profits from each sale to a charity. Average people can sell these products and know that they are helping others without opening their wallet!