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How Cool Are You As An Inventor? To Be Cool Is To Be A Conduit Of Open-Ended Leverage

By: Modupe Adebayo

In my own view, 'Cool' can be defined as: A Conduit Of Open-ended Leverage

Are you a Conduit of Open-ended Leverage?
According to the Oxford English Dictionary, A conduit is a person that acts as a channel for the transmission of something. To be open-ended is having no predetermined limit or boundary and Leverage means: Power to influence a person/ a situation and use something to maximum advantage


Yes you are COOL when you desire to be an achiever.

You are COOL as you aspire to work hard.

You are COOL as you determine to be a channel that transmits success.

You are COOL if you strive for a purpose: not to hurt but to create.

Yes you are COOL as you lift someone's burden; helping someone who is sad get his/her life back.

You certainly are COOL if you use your opportunity to the maximum to be a leverage.

Yes, you are COOL when you refuse to limit yourself, knowing as a conduit you are not limited in anyway.

You know what I mean, being helpful, lovable but not spiteful. These are essential ingredients of a conduit; they are distinctive skills and characteristics of a conduit, yes, that's when you are really COOL.

Think for a minute, how COOL it is to have money in your pocket, to go shopping and buy some quality clothing or accessories. How COOL to not always go, ' can I have a certain amount of money please.'

How COOL will it be when you know either now or in the future you can make money in an intelligent way?

Yea conduit that's right but you know what? You need to start now don't spend all day watching television or sleeping, sleeping and sleeping. You will shut down as a conduit and you will never be COOL.

Do something you will be proud of: compose a poem, write lyrics for a song, write a TV script or design a new advert, devise a new computer game, invent something new.

You know you can do it so why deny yourself your opportunity to be celebrated?

Getting off Facebook, twitter and MSN for a few minutes so as to ponder, meditate and re-think will be really worthwhile when the results begin to roll in.

Halting to play PSP and Wii is what is really really COOL.

Have you heard of a business person who first tells his/her rivals their ideas? Such a person will not be succeeding.

To think is cool but to take positive actions and no procrastination is even cooler.

Your challenge now:

Think of a new idea.

What can you invent?

What could you do positively to make the situation you are in better?

Stop blaming everyone else but yourself.

The spotlight is on you this is your opportunity to show the world you are indeed cool.

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