Swimming Pool Steps For Above-Ground Pools - A Primer

By: Ned D'agostino

Owning a nice above-ground pool is wonderful. It can transform your backyard into your own personal family resort. There's no better way to beat the heat and to enjoy the summer than in the water. Having a pool alone isn't really enough, though. You will also need the right accessories. Swimming pool steps are one of them.

You need steps or a ladder in order to get up the side of the pool and back down into the water. Steps or ladders may be optional for a below-ground pool, but they're an absolutely necessity for those with above-ground units.

Swimming pool steps can be made from a number of different materials. You will find steps in plastic, resin, aluminum and stainless steel. Generally speaking, stainless steel swimming pool steps offer the best quality. Unlike the other materials, they tend to last longer. They're also sturdier--if you've ever scaled a flimsy plastic ladder or climbed down thin resin stairs, you'll understand just how important sturdy construction can be! The cheaper products may be adequate for those who only make occasional use of their pools or if the pool is used only by smaller children, but most pool owners will appreciate the quality that comes with stainless steel swimming pool steps that can handle more weight.

As one would expect, prices for swimming pool steps are primarily determined by the materials used in their construction. Plastic and resin stairs are usually the cheapest options. Aluminum steps run a bit more than those options. Stainless steel steps do cost the most. However, most buyers will say that the higher quality swimming pool steps are well worth the extra expenditure.

Choosing the right materials is important, but so is picking the right structure. You want swimming pool steps that you can easily and safely use. You should always check rung spacing if there's an outside ladder or the spacing of the outside stairs, as well as the side of the accessory that will be emerged in the pool.

It's easy to ruin an otherwise ideal afternoon with an accident. Safety must be priority in the selection of pool stairs. Look for added safety features including sturdy handrails and anti-stick stairs when you shop for your swimming pool stairs. At the very least, the surface of the stairs should be ribbed or otherwise built to provide some degree of traction. Smooth stairs are a series of accidents just waiting to happen.

You can skip some above-ground pool accessories, but there's no way to avoid purchasing pool stairs. When you go out to find a set of steps, be certain that you'll receive the best quality stairs in the proper design with all available safety features. That's the best way to begin enjoying your personal oasis.