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Enjoy Your Pool With A Jandy Legacy Millivolt

By: Don Ellis

Pools are wonderful places to be in. People spend a significant amount of money for the construction and maintenance of swimming pools. But the sad part is that we can only enjoy our pools when the water temperature is at a comfortable level. More often than not, the temperature is just too cold for comfort.

During times like this, you will not be using your pool and are wasting the money you have invested in it. There is a solution, though. You can purchase a Jandy Legacy Millivolt pool heater. With this pool heater, you can finally enjoy your pool all year round.

The Jandy Legacy Heater LRZM (Millivolt) has an easy on/off temperature switch control. With this, you need not worry about being a technical whiz just so that you can enjoy a relaxing dip in your pool. You can focus on the fun and forget about the technical aspects of heating your pool.

Unlike other pool heaters, the Jandy Millivolt Heater is built to last. No more worries about frequent maintenance and costly repairs. You did not buy a pool heater in order to have problems, you bought one to have a relaxing break with your family all year round.

Jandy's pool heaters are loaded with technologically advanced and user-friendly features so you get the best deal for your money. Usually, technologically advanced features are seldom user-friendly. But with the Jandy pool heater, you get the best of both worlds.

A mechanical thermostat allows you to easily set the temperature of your spa or pool so that you can go ahead with the fun without getting stuck in the user's manual. You do not have to set a knob again when the water becomes too hot and then again when the water becomes cold. Just set it to a particular temperature level and then forget about it.

The Jandy Legacy Heater LRZM (Millivolt) has polymer headers with CPVC 2/2.5" universal union connections. This allows for efficient water flow and heating. Polymer headers mean that you do not have to worry about rust. It is also a durable material.

So, utilize your pool all throughout the year with a Jandy Millivolt heater. Go get one and your pool will be a much better place to relax. Your family will thank you for it.

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