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Nissan Is Going For V Platform Now - A Comprehensive Outlook

By: Mrinal Ali Hazarika

Nissan is now coming up with another new model. Cherishing the success they got from their latest model Micra, Nissan is now getting optimistic reviews from the market. With the Micra getting rave reviews and being widely accepted, Nissan is now planning to model their latest car based on the V Platform, though we will get to see this car next year only.

The V standing for versatile, Nissan has proved itself by launching different models of good quality and features over the past years. They would now like to do better things with the V Platform car.

The V Platform was first introduced in the market by General Motors in the year 1967 where the technology was used for the rear wheel drives. The technology has changed now and this Platform is now used in the front wheels as well.

The company explained why they would call it versatile, as they are planning to make the car cost effective and making extra room in the seating area making the car lighter as well. The Micra yet to be launched, Nissan is planning to launch the MPV and Micra both by 2011.

These cars will be lighter and the V Platform will enable the car to get rid of all the extra and unnecessary components. An approximate of 5 kilos is reduced in weight. The exhaust system gets lighter by 3 Kg and the fuel tank by more than 2 Kg.

With the launching of Micra and the new V Platform car, Niossan is now looking to give its competitors a stiff competition.

Because of the high revenues one is able to get in the Indian auto sector, the competition is going to get stiffer as to which company gets a greater share of the pie. This is good news for buyers as they will get a wide range of choices that too at affordable prices.

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