A Business Building Approach For Increasing The Financial Strength Of Ministries And Charities

In this second article, I would like to expand on using a network marketing business for the purpose of creating a perpetual and growing income for a charity or ministry. This can be done by an individual, a group, or an organization.

A key ingredient to making this successful actually is the concept of "network." Networking really is the basic business model for almost every kind of successful organization. Think about the universality of networking.
(a) Retailers have chains of stores, gas stations, offices, and services spread out in the communities.
(b) School systems have a network of schools throughout communities.
(c) The National Basketball Association and National Football League are networks of professional teams working together to create a powerful businesses.
(d) If you go to a church that worships Jesus Christ, you belong to a network of local churches (whether official or not). It started from Christ networking with 12 Apostles, then they organized city churches, and they have networked down through history ending up with many churches and denominations in one city.
(e) What do we call television organizations? They are called television networks.
(f) Telephone companies, electric companies, and the internet are networked throughout the world.
(g) Even our bodies have been created with systems of networks, such as the cardiovascular network, the nervous system, our skin, and our skeletons.
(h) How about our military? They are highly organized into networks of command, rank, and authority.

There are charitable organizations and ministries that network/link together, however, I am suggesting that we network together for the purpose of creating strong and perpetual financial funding through businesses that are legally designed to prosper through building business networks. Network marketing grows and sells products by linking people together as distributors, affiliates, and customers in a chain-like fashion. In participating with these business distributorships for charitable reasons, we can take advantage of the commission structure and pay plan of a good company for the sake of our charitable purposes, like feeding the hungry, working with the homeless, or any other honest charitable activity. The financial support size and stability of these organizations can be improved by using this new fundraising paradigm.

If I have you thinking, come back and see my next article.

In Written Network, Joe H.