Icfs - Foundation To Walls

When a person makes a commitment to invest into building a new home he or she understands that the building process will happen in a step by step process. After the loans are cleared and a plot of land is selected and approved with the necessary permits, the land itself is excavated. Then, the actual building that will become the home can be constructed with the forming of the foundation. After the foundation, the walls are built. A roof is constructed, and the outer shell of the home is complete. During this whole process the homeowner is waiting to move into his or her new home as quickly as possible. People who are interested in building new homes are looking for an efficient way to build high quality homes.

A new integrated building technology available today is to use ICFs to build a home's foundation and its walls. This speeds up the building process and gives a home greater strength. Plus, the home has more insulation than a standard stick built home.

ICFs stands for insulated concrete forms, not insulation concrete forms. ICFs are revolutionary because they allow a contractor to put together a form for concrete to be poured into and not ever have to take it down, because the form is also the home's insulation. The forms are created quickly and efficiently by stacking polystyrene blocks on top of one another and then locking them into place. A simplistic way to explain the system is to refer to the way a child assembles Legos.

As mentioned in earlier, these insulated wall systems can be utilized to create the foundation of a home and its walls. This means that the foundation will be extremely well insulated (conserving heating and cooling energy), and the walls will be super strong (testing shows the walls can withstand 250 mile per hour winds). Plus, the homeowner can count on the contractor to utilize certain labors to construct both the foundation and the walls. This will mean the home will be done faster because the people constructing the walls won't be waiting around for the people pouring the foundation to finish.