Aspca Car Donation - Save Abused And Neglected Animals Through Vehicle Donation

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals does its best to take care of the pets it finds in deplorable conditions, but such efforts are anything but profitable in nature. Animal cruelty is a huge problem in our society when many people take in pets - they are certainly cute and cuddly when they are puppies or kittens, but many people treat these animals with a lot less kindness as they grow up into adulthood. And the ASPCA car donation program funds the initiative to keep animals safe and free from harm.

If you have heard anything about the ASPCA at all, then you may be wondering why this well-known charity has a vehicle donation program at all. After all, no matter how smart dogs, cats and other critters may be, they can not be trained to drive. Car donation through this charitable organization does not directly benefit the animals because of the cars themselves. The impact you can have by donating your car is in what the proceeds from its sale can do for the animals. After all, animals need vaccinations, food, water and clean lodging. No matter kind hearted the people who work at animal shelters may be, they still need to be paid something for all of the work that they do. And the shelters themselves need to be maintained, which brings up all of the usual costs that any sort of real estate is bound to have.

If you donate your car and they make enough money from it and from other cars people have donated, this organization can hold charitable events in which they can find homes for these formerly abused and neglected pets. When you consider car donation to this charity, you have to consider just how much good your car can do. And this is not just good for you, in the form of being able to take a deduction off of your taxes. Donating your old vehicle can help some poor, abused animal to go from being sickly, malnourished and possibly near an early death, to being able to live out a full measure of life in a home where people will care for it as a part of their family.

The ASPCA Vehicle Donation Program is sponsored by an organization called Vehicle Donation to Any Charity (V-DAC). There is no cost to you to donate your automobile through this free service. There are no regulations regarding the condition that the vehicle is on or where you are located - clunker, undriveable or not, you can donate your automobile to this charitable organization. After calling the free hotline, reservations will be made to pick up your vehicle. It is then sold at auction and you are provided a receipt to earn the full benefits of tax-deductible car donation.