Why A Woman Uses A Boyfriend As A Reason For Not Dating You

I agree that not all women are available. I know that some ladies are happy with their present relationship.But the fact still remain that most women that claim to be in a relationship are only saying that because you are showing too much interest in them too quickly. A woman always has a reason for telling you that she already has a boyfriend.

If some women are interested in you, they will deliberately hide the fact that they have a boyfriend from you until they have gone to bed with you. So whether a woman mentions her boyfriend or not, it no way proves that there is actually one.

In this article am going to show you some reasons why women uses a "boyfriend" as an excuse. Read on to find out more.

A woman might tell you that she has a boyfriend even though she is attracted to you because she does not want to seem like a loser who cannot attract men. On the other hand, beautiful women normally have a lot of platonic male friends, who pose as "just a friend with no string attached" but secretly want an opportunity to get intimate with them. So, she might actually be referring to one of these guys when she says she has a boyfriend.

A woman might presently have a boyfriend at the moment but she is secretly seeking a better guy. So she tells you about her so called boyfriend because she doesn't want to feel guilty if peradventure she ends up cheating on him with you. This is her blame game plan; she finds a way of putting the blame on you in case she ends up sleeping with you. Mentioning her boyfriend in this case is just her way of saying "If I end up sleeping with you, it is not because am a cheat but because you tempted and seduced me"