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Fantastic Benefits To Free Range Chicken Farming

By: Mark Klassen

In the current green trend sweeping the world free range chicken farming has gained a huge following. People are starting to see the benefits of raising their own food.

The main reason most people get into raising their own chickens is because of of all the antibiotics and other chemicals that accompany mass produced chickens and eggs.There is peace of mind knowing the entire life cycle for your food. The nice side benefit to this is that your grocery bill will drop as there is no more paying grocery store prices for chicken and eggs.

Chickens are natural pest control and will eliminate the amount of harsh chemical needed to control pests. In the normal course of their daily activities chickens will seek out and eat pests around the yard. Chickens also aerate soil In the process of scratching around looking for food. Chickens will take care of left over kitchen waste such as potato and carrot peelings, corn cobs and bread. And yet another benefit chicken manure is a high quality fertilizer. Till this into a garden and the vegetables and other plants will thrive.

Children Love to get involved in the day to day care of chickens. Kids also get excited to collect eggs.Your flock is a perfect opportunity to teach children responsibility. things such as feeding and watered and the cleaning coops and nesting boxes can be delighted to children. These can be the first steps in becoming a responsible adult. Children also learn where their food comes from.

Lately: chickens are great stress relievers. Not only are they relaxing to watch, but one can be proud to realize that you have done a fantastic job raising them.

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