Used Car Donation - Why Should I Donate My Car?

By: Isaac Macintosh

After owning a car for years upon years and putting several thousands of miles on it, there comes a time when you're ready to start a-new. Before you head over to the car dealership and pick out a nice, shiny new ride, you may want to place some thought into what to do with your old car. One of the best initiatives you can take to help yourself and others at the same time is to look into used car donation.

An Introduction To Used Car Donation

Simply put, used car donation is basically just giving your car to a charitable organization, who then turns around and sells it very cheaply (or sometimes gives it outright) to someone who is in need. Some people actually need a car, so that they can go out and find a job that pays well. And of course, once they have that job secured, they can begin to move upward in the world, instead of being "stuck" at the bottom.

While it is tempting to just blame "The Man" for all of the bad things that happen in life, playing the blame game will get no one anywhere. What we can do is give when we can. And used car donation is a prime example of all of the good that can come up when a person decided to donate their car to a worthy cause. When you donate your old car, you are doing more than just getting rid of a highly depreciated toy that has lost its luster for you. You are also doing your part to help another person to move up the income ladder.

And in some cases, the car can actually be sold at auction, and the proceeds are used to raise money in order to fund social programs that can do a lot of good for hundreds of people. If your community could use your car to help them out, wouldn't that be sweet?

Benefits of Donating Your Old Vehicle

One other interesting benefit to used car donation is that it can grant you a deduction on your income taxes. While the amount of the deduction will certainly never hold a candle to the original price you paid for the car, the old saying applies - "every little bit counts." Tax writeoffs are probably one of the biggest perks to donating your automobile to charity. Before you start calculating receipts to determine how much you can claim on your taxes, make sure that you are well-aware of applicable IRS car donation rules. Once all of your legalities are covered, you can sleep well at night knowing your new ride is parked safely in the garage, proceeds from the auction of your old car are being used at well-respected charities, and that you may have saved a little money that otherwise would have gone straight to Uncle Sam.