Cartridge Pool Filters Instrumental In Making A Vibrant And Clean Pond

By: Manu Smriti Sharma

The cartridge filters have been made available for a relatively long time. But recently there has been up-gradation in the technology of cartridge filters. It is no longer massive in size and weight. They are made extremely light and sophisticated. The filters are fitted with filtering medium that is made up of pleats of polyester materials. This material has very fine pores that are capable of resisting the flow of contaminants that remain suspended in the pool water.

Initially when a new cartridge is installed, its pores coagulate larger dirt particles. Then as the dirt keep on piling, it makes it impossible for finer particles to escape. Filters of brands such as Astral, Doughboy and Harmsco can really serve good for screening dirt at the surface of the cartridge element.

When the cartridge in use gets totally clogged with unwanted particles, it requires cleaning. The surface of the cartridge can be easily washed with the help of a garden hose and pressure washing. The result is a greater dependence on cartridge filters for pool cleaning purposes. The cartridges sometimes may require muriatic acids and chlorine for removing sticky substances from their surface. But as the filter size is very small it doesn't require much brushing and just an overnight immersion of the filter in the acid will serve good.

The use of such filters is growing as they have become very popular. It cleans the water from even 5 microns sized particles. The result is a vibrant pool with crystal water where people can revel with family and friends. The most amazing part of the filter is that its cartridge can be replaced whenever they get clogged. So, it saves pool users from the pain of cleaning their filters when they get coagulated with impurities and dirt.