Shot Record On The Go - A Perfect Match

The older I get the less things I want to carry around in my head. Take immunization records as an example. I barely know if I'm up to date on my own shots let alone the immunization status of my kids. You can't carry around the shot record for everyone in your head or even in your purse, but you can keep it in your hand - download your Personal Health Record (PHR) onto your Smartphone using the iTriage application and you will never be caught off guard again.

Personal Health Record's such as Google Health are a convenient, efficient and safe way to store and share your health record. Companies such as Healthagen are taking this powerful tool and making it mobile through their health and fitness application called iTriage. iTriage mobile software coupled with a PHR allows individuals to have ready access to their personal health records when it matters most: at the point of care. Or in the case of busy moms when they are completing the stacks of paperwork for their kid's activities, which require dates from shot records.

With a PHR it is easy to electronically share your kids health profile with new providers, conveniently complete health screening documents for your kids activities or have records and physician contact information for emergency situations.

During an emergency situation the convenience of having a complete health record including a list of current vaccinations will save time and money. The next time the expectant ER nurse asks when your injured, clumsy son had his last tetanus shot, you can look her in the eye and give an exact date, rather than stammer and give some vague year. I love having information available at my fingertips, but more importantly it could eliminate duplicative shots, which can be costly and/or have adverse results.

The majority of us still frequent our primary care physicians (pediatricians and family medicine physicians) for our immunizations. This is convenient and they maintain records for us. However, some of us are branching out and getting vaccinations (shingles, flu shots, etc.) at urgent care centers and retail clinics. This is a perfect time to update your shot record on your PHR.

Your Smartphone and your PHR is a perfect match. Having timely access to all the dates for your family's shots within your PHR is genius. Get a Google Health PHR and download it to your phone on the iTriage app today.