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Moving And Kids - How To Prepare Them For Moving

By: Flynna Sarah Molina

Moving out can really be a stressful activity, either to adults or to the kids. Regardless of how far you are going to, kids are normally the most affected people in this endeavor. Thus, it is the responsibility of the parent to help their kids cope with the abrupt change in the environment as well as be with them during the adjustment period.

If you are planning to transfer into your new home, and it would take you million miles away from your current place, then it is time to prepare your kids emotionally and physically. Kids can be traumatized, especially in their school, whenever there is a sudden change of environment. Though some of them are good in hiding their feelings and worries, but you would notice the strange effects on their attitude later on.

To help your kids from experience this awful effects, consider some tips on how to prepare your children for moving.

The best way to begin with is to explain to them the reason for moving. Sometimes it is only a matter of careful explanation so that they can completely understand why there is a sudden shift of surroundings.

You can tell them about the new location that they are about to see. Show them photos, brochures or you can tour them around to the new place. In this way, they can get the feeling of belongingness once they have ideas on what type of community that awaits them.

If they will have a new school, you can bring them to there and introduce them to the new students and community. You can ask if the kids can do a sit-in session so they will know what type of school it is. Usually, it is the academic aspect of the child that is greatly affected whenever he has a hard time adjusting to his new environment.

Try to plan a moving-away party for the old neighbors and friends. This will help them bid goodbye or have closure to the people they will leave behind. Kids can be melodramatic. Even if you do not normally see them that affectionate, but they also have their soft side with them.

When moving out, it is best to do it during summer season. This will prevent them from being absent or missing a huge portion of their semester. Giving them enough time to adjust and prepare for their new school can greatly help in adjusting to the new surrounding.

Spare your kids enough time to mingle and get to know their new friends. Do not pressure them too much on gaining more friends as soon as possible. Just let them be and allow them to take their own pace of discovering the new place. Sometimes parents can be too hard on their kids, they expect them to be like robots, do everything and anything in an instant. Adjustment stage is a process. You have to do it one step at a time so you do not miss out anything. Hence, give some time for your kids to undergo this process.

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