Smoking And Heart Disease

The cases of heart diseases have been rising at a very high rate with the figure of 400,000 Americans still dying annually. Even if this projection is going to continue, Americans should do much to cut down chances and the risks of acquiring this disease by adopting some three simple lifestyle changes.

To begin with, Americans should be more conscious of healthy living as a regular part of their everyday existence so it doesn't feel like a forced thing they're bringing upon themselves. They should be aware that eating a high-fat or high-cholesterol type of foods will make them develop heart disease. Obesity and overweight will only put you at higher risk of falling victim to heart disease.

Preventing a heart disease calls for the eating of healthy foods like fruits, vegetables and good fats like olive oil and what is omega-3 fatty acids which is normally found in fishes such as salmon. Again it is very important that one takes only small portions of food to stop overeating since eating too much food is not good either as it contributes to cases of excess weight.

The second and very important thing that Americans should embark on is more exercise. Together with a more healthy living, a person needs to do enough exercise. Imagine this, just getting a thirty minute workout, three or four days a week will make a whole lot of difference in getting a heart attack or not.

Therefore, take a walk over lunch, try packing the car a little distance from your destination and take the stairs instead of a lift to give you extra exercise each day. Even light to moderate workout will make the heart stronger, give you a healthy body and good weight.

Last but not least, you must stop smoking because this poses a huge strain to the heart and threatens to increase the risk for many reasons which include heart disease.

Stopping smoking will help to protect you from getting heart attacks because your body will be without poisonous stuff called nicotine. All those who stop smoking have systematically reduced the risk of heart disease as soon as they stop smoking.

It is not easy to start on a path of recovery but it can be your lifeline. In short, eating healthy, increased exercise and doing away with tobacco can actually prevent or cut down the risk margin of heart disease which is one of the major causes of death in America today.