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How Team Scoring Works In Wrestling

By: Nick Samuel

Wrestling can be a very confusing sport, especially if you have no experience with it. If you are spectator or parent then you will want to learn how the scoring system works. This can often cause quite a bit of confusion. While wrestling is an individual sport, in high school and college they have a scoring system set up so that teams can verse each other.

The following are the rules for the scoring system for team points.

Your team gets three points for a decision.
Your team gets four points for a major decision.
Your team gets five points for a technical fall.
Your team gets six points for a pin.

A decision is when a wrestler wins by seven or less points. A few examples of this would be if the wrestler beats his opponent four to three or seven to zero.

Any time a wrestler scores more than seven points but less than fifteen points against his opponent then he will be awarded bonus points for his team. This is called a major decision. So if the score is eight points to zero points, then the winning wrestler will get a major decision.

If at any time during a match a wrestler scores more than 15 points on his opponent the match will end. This is called a technical fall or as wrestlers often refer to it as getting "teched". When you get a technical fall in a match your team will get two extra bonus points. For a young wrestler getting teched can be just as embarrassing as getting pinned.

A pin is when a wrestler controls his opponent and gets his opponents shoulders to touch the ground for a five count. A pin is very beneficial when it comes to team points. One pin can erase the loss of two wrestlers. For example if two wrestlers from your team lose a decision then you are behind six points. If the next wrestler for your team gets the pin, your team will get six points for it and they'll be right back even with your opponents. Oftentimes getting pinned is very embarrassing to any wrestler.

There will also be times when you can get team points deducted from the scoreboard. The times are often directly related to poor sportsmanship or a coach that won't leave the referee alone. If a wrestler loses a match and then flips over chairs or punches a garbage can or is disrespectful to his opponent, then there's a good chance that you will lose one team point.

In the event of a tie there are rule breaking strategies to be used. The first criteria in the event of a tie is which team has the most pins. If they are both tied in pins, then they go down the line in technical falls, major decisions, and then wins. There are even more criteria for breaking a tie but generally it will not find it go past these.

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