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Choosing Wine Coolers For Your Home

By: Simon Waker Haughtone

Whether we want to have a quiet meal with our partners, a dinner party or simply have a few friends over, it's nice to have a little wine to make the occasion go over smoothly. What would make it even better would be if the wine was chilled and its taste preserved. Refrigerators do chill, though at the expense of space and they often cannot hold more than a couple of bottles. They also vibrate due to the compressor, which shakes up the sediment in the wine. Wouldn't it be nice to have dedicated wine coolers that can hold half a dozen bottles or more?

Coolers For Your Home

A dedicated wine cooler isn't such an outlandish thing for the home. In fact, you can purchase many different sizes of wine cooler, each one complete with technology and design that makes them superior to a simple refrigerator. All the following models have digital temperature control and removable shelves.

For a smaller cooler, you could consider the Compact-6. It provides storage for chilling six wine bottles simultaneously. The Compact series also features thermo-electric technology, which quietens the operation noise and eliminates vibrations due to the lack of a compressor. This allows for preservation of taste as well as being unobtrusive. Furthermore, the Compact series also comes with a mirror-panel front door with a touch-sensitive LED control panel. This provides a contemporary look that is suited to many homes.

For those looking to store more than six bottles, the Compact has models that range from the six bottle to the twenty bottle, allowing for chilling enough wine from two people to an entire dinner party's worth of guests. Every model comes with the aforementioned technology and design choices. However, for even larger storage, you'll need to look further on.

The THN series comes in two major models. The first is the twenty-eight, two-part cooler. With two separate compartments, each with its own digital temperature control, you can chill your wines, or other beverages, to different degrees. The second model supports up to thirty-four bottles and is a single compartment. However, it is excellent for under-the-counter use as it provides front ventilation. Both models have double-paned doors for insulation.

Contemporary design and technology allow for a brilliant appliance for your home. It doesn't sacrifice quality and will most definitely improve your wine. These coolers can easily add to the style of your home, rather than drag it down.

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