Raising Chickens For Meat - Things You Need To Be Aware Of When Choosing Chicken Breeds For Meat

By: Bob Pearson

In raising chickens for meat, you need to be aware that the breed of chickens to choose will be very crucial in terms of the quality of harvest. There are chickens known to lay the best eggs, there are chickens that produce high quality meat, and there are chickens that can do both. The breeds of chicken are genetically developed for several generations by the poultry industry in order to serve the purpose of each category of poultry production.

Mediterranean breed of chickens are the best species of birds if you're investing in egg farming business instead of raising chickens for meat. The bodies of Mediterranean chickens are somewhat small, but their capability of laying eggs is highly desirable. Since the bodies of these chickens are small, they need less feeds than the birds meant to produce meat. Egg-laying chickens can also be categorized into two groups-those that produce brown shelled eggs and those that produce white-shelled eggs. The kind of eggs that you want to focus on should be based on the decision as to which will yield you better profits.

It is important to note that raising chickens for meat does not need a certain kind of breed. The largest chickens are actually hybrids-combinations of a variety of breeds. The kind of hybrids that you will have to choose should depend on the quality of meat you want to produce. There are hybrids that grow very fast, there are those that grow in humongous proportion, and there are those that provide the best meat parts such as breast, wing, legs, etc. The weakness of these huge chickens, of course, is that they are poor producer of eggs. On the side of the poultry farmer, these chickens require more investments in quality feeds. These costs will however offset as there's definitely more money in meat production. Hybrids that create the tastiest chicken meat include New Hampshire chickens, Plymouth Rock chickens.

Raising chickens for meat can be a very profitable business if you will efficiently combine gathering the best stock, setting up a highly favorable facility, and negotiating with the right clients. Visit some hatcheries and consult with poultry entrepreneurs and industry experts regarding the kind of breeds and hybrids that will best work in your farming business. Do a rigorous research on the position of chicken farming in your local economy and weigh your options before deploying your capital.