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How To Avoid Patient No-Shows Effectively

By: Anika Andrews

As a professional in the healthcare industry, you should value the time you spend in your medical practice. However, sometimes patients that have already booked appointments failed to show up because they forgot about them. When this happens, not only will it waste your valuable time, but it will also create a loss of revenue.  If you want to avoid patient no shows and improve your bottom line, the best way to cut your losses is to get a reliable online patient reminder system.

When you have an online patient reminder system in place, you have a reliable system that can help remind patients about their appointments automatically. Unlike when your medical staff is doing it manually, the system will ensure that the patients can get the message as preferred by them. The patients can set by themselves when and how they would like to be reminded. Meaning, there is no more disturbing your patients while they are working in the daytime to remind them about their appointments, the system can instead do it after working hours.   

The system can remind your patients through different ways. They can choose either to be contacted by phone calls or be sent an e-mail or text message.

The system also has a very useful feature to cut down losses when your patients couldn't make it to their appointments. Through the online booking feature that the system has, you can direct patients to pre-pay their appointments, if they want to secure an open slot. This means, whether they show up to their appointments or not, your business will not lose any money.

These are just some of the benefits that the online patient reminder system can offer to your medical practice. Do know that the monthly fee that you have to pay to get the system will not break the bank at all. It is typically very affordable and there is no long-term contract involved. You can even use it on a monthly basis. But of course, it is better to have it for the long term. Ultimately, having the system in place can really help improve the bottom line of your medical practice.

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