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Portable Classic Car Covers

By: Greg Mitchell

Car covers are an essential investment for all drivers who want to have their vehicles protected against damage. Dust and small rock particles that are being blown about by air are major components of causing damage. Some vintage cars are both expensive and delicate and hence require a lot of care. When the car is at home, you can store it in a garage and it will be safe from all these environmental hazards. However, whenever you are traveling, you will require portable car covers for maximum protection. There are some people who are not yet informed about these carpets. Read on these tips to understand more about these carpets.

Portable car covers are analogically sleeping bags for cars. Drivers are supposed to have them whenever they are traveling to places where finding garage for their cars will not be possible. At the moment, there are two kinds of car covers available in the market. These at least provide a variety which drivers can choose from.

In real sense, one of the car covers is similar to a sleeping bag. The cover is fitted on the car to protect it from certain elements of weather like sunrays, pebbles on motions and acid rain. These are among the weather elements that accelerate the rate at which cars degenerate. These covers are convenient for some kinds of protection but there are other conditions that are not well suited by this kind of cover. For example, when there is raging storm that is accompanied by strong wind that is carrying materials with it, the car will still be vulnerable to damage. For maximum safety of your car, you will then require the other kind of car cover.

This type is designed such that when you erect it, it will look like a small house. The car is stored inside the small house. In case there is strong wind that is blowing materials about in the air, they hit the cover and bounce off preventing the car from damage that would have been caused by impact of the material. These covers may require some stands to support them. Nonetheless, in the jungle, they can be erected with the help of trees.

Portable car covers are made from different kinds of materials. Most of the popular materials are both affordable and provide great protection to the cars. Materials used to make these covers are strong and durable. The material is resistant to bad weather elements.

The shelter forming covers come with a set of steel frames. These frames look like they are bulky, but they are easy to carry with you. The frames are supposed to be drilled on the ground to provide support. This is a simple task and can be done with minimal hand tools. Not that these portable car covers are only suitable for soil grounds. Otherwise, they may not be effective in rocky grounds since the stands cannot pierce the stone. The frames are also supposed to be elevated at a far distance from the cars to prevent rain water and bad elements like snow from falling on the car.

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