Choices For Travertine Tile Surfaces

Travertine tiles are very popular options to be used as pavers, entryways, kitchen tiles and as a travertine bathroom finish. Travertine is actually a construction material and decoration that has been used for several centuries. As a matter of fact, most of the structures built during the time of Ancient Rome are mostly made of travertine stone and not of marble as most people assume. Marble was for the buildings of very rich people and for civic and religious structures. Also, marble is used as a material in creating a statue but only the rich can afford it.

A nice old world appearance can be attained with travertine and it offers a lot of color selection. If you are planning to buy travertine pavers, you have to decide which of the three available surfaces you are going to get. Your choices are tumbled, polished and honed. Each has its specific place where it can be used best so you should know this when choosing a surface for a particular application.

Tumbled travertine tiles have very rough texture and they have a lot of pores. This kind of surface is recommended around a swimming pool or as a surface of an uncovered patio because it permits the water to escape and provides good traction. A honed surface is usually smooth and has a matte appearance. They can still provide some good footing but they are better off to be placed in covered areas and as flooring of entryways. These are also best as wall tiles of bathrooms and kitchens.

The third kind of travertine surface is polished and it is so smooth and shiny. It is best used as a surface for worktops and countertops because this works great as a smooth and leveled top. Most of the time, the air pockets and natural voids cover the entire area of the tile so usually these tiles for kitchen tops and bathroom vanity tops are filled. The fill material looks natural so it usually does not affect the appearance. Also, a liquid sealer needs to be applied to stop staining.

If the color is your concern, there are so many available options since no two tiles look alike such that their hues and patterns are unique. Travertine is actually a sedimentary kind of stone which is shaped as mineral deposit are left underneath hot spring pools when the water evaporates. That's why travertine is common in areas where there are occurring volcanic activities like the one in central Italy. Travertine is also abundant in Turkey and in some quarries located in Mexico and Peru.

If you want a tile that looks great and has a lot of character try travertine.