I Want My Ex Back But He's With Someone Else - How To Draw Him Closer To Me Again?

Is there any feeling that hurt you more than seeing the one you loved leave you? I think it is more nerve pressing to see your ex boyfriend whom you love with another girl. Many women out there say "I want my ex back but he's with someone else" but unfortunately can't figure out what it takes to get back their boyfriends.

The first thing you have to do is to make sure you want your ex back. If you just want him to get back to you to take your revenge or to pay back at him then this advice is not for you. Be sure you want him for the good reasons or this will be very bad for you and him.

Do not jump into false assumption that he doesn't want you back because he is now with someone else. Men usually feel unsafe and less proud so they need to compensate. Compensating for lost confidence or pride comes usually in the form of dating any girl to prove to themselves and to people that they are still attractive to the other sex. Do not be fooled because this is a typical masculine behavior.

Sometimes you might feel you want to strangle this new woman to death but you have to remain calm, be confident and act indifferent. If he sees that you are desperate to get him back or that you act clingy and look needy for him he will be pushed away from you. Be gentle with your ex, remind him of the good things in you but do not show him more interest or longing. Act like a confident woman who has a lot o f interests and activities and show him that you are ready to move on and live normally.

Remember that his new relationship with this woman is a rebound relationship. It is known that rebound relationship have very weak chances of success. So you must show him that you wish good luck in his new relationship. Tell him she's cute and lovely then he will stop being cautious with you about his new relationship. Act like a close friend and let him pour his heart to you. If he knows that you are not jealous from his new girlfriend he will begin to trust you again and will talk to you more about his personal life. This way you will be closer to his heart and you are then closer to get him back again.