Leg Attacks For Wrestling

Wrestling is a sport that presses the action. If you aren't continually trying to attack your opponent than you can get cautioned and will be penalize points. That's why it is important to have a few dependable attacks. Some of the best and most reliable attacks are leg attacks. They aren't as flashy as a throw, however, they are much more efficient.

When you watch a lot of high-level wrestlers wrestle you'll find that most of time what they do are very simple leg attacks. That's why it is important to make sure that you have a solid foundation of what leg attacks to do. Depending on your style and how you like to attack, there are a few major leg attacks that you can do. They are a single leg shot and a double legs shot. Each of them is a slightly different attack, though if you need to you can switch into any of them to finish and take down opponent.

When hitting a single leg shot there are many different variations you can do. The most common type of single leg attack is an outside single shot. You can also do what is known as a low single, which would be easiest to describe as a movement where you dive into your opponents ankle.

A double legs shot is by far the most common type of leg attack you can do in wrestling. The double leg shot is when you shoot into your opponent and take control of both of his legs with your arms. It is similar to a football tackle: only that when done correctly you should not be driving your opponent straight back, you should be driving perpendicular to your opponent so that he has no way to counter your attack.

If you were to practice just these two moves only,then you would be come a very good wrestler. The reason for this is that these moves are the bread-and-butter attacks of wrestling. They are high percentage moves and are very effective when done correctly making them be very hard to stop. The key to becoming proficient in these two wrestling attacks is to practice them over and over, repetition is what you're going for.