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Using Writing As An Outlet For Anger Management

By: Anne Dessens

When you get angry, many times it's because you feel that you're not being heard. This need to have some say-so in what's happening in your life is part of the human experience.

When we think we aren't being heard, we start speaking louder, we cut others off in an attempt to demonstrate our need for some control over the situation. When our yelling and ranting don't work, many times we take it to the physical level. I know that I have. And I was always ashamed of those weak moments. It's a real sign of immaturity, like the two-year-old throwing a temper tantrum.

You can avoid this physical outburst when you begin to journal your way through your feelings. It's another form of releasing the tension. In a personal journal, it can't hurt anyone and you won't have any regrets later, any reasons to apologize for uncalled for behavior or words if you keep it all in your journal. Write it out, release it from your energy field and then let it go. Move on and make peace with the situation. Here's why I recommend journaling as a way to work through your anger management.

A few years ago, I began to take back my life and my emotions when I began a serious journaling endeavor. I got up daily and started to write about my anger. Slowly, those feelings of hurt, rage and powerlessness fizzled out. The pent-up energy within me began to be released. You can achieve this type of Inner Peace by starting a personal journal today.

You can explore all types of situations in your personal journal. Taking the time to rewrite past scenarios in ways that you would have liked to see them turn out can be a role-playing game that brings you a sense of closure when none other could be achieve. You don't have to implicate anyone else, but that negative experience that is gnawing at your spirit can be released with this type of exercise.


Taking the time to say that what you have written is now in the past and released from your mind forever only existing on that page is another way of being able to transfer your ugly feelings from you to an inert object, thus freeing you from your own shortcomings. Remember, there is relief when you let go of hard feelings. Don't get stuck in those past events. You want to move on if you want to get through your anger. Let it go. Write and release is my mantra.

Journaling will help you to find your true voice when you do it regularly and whole-heartedly. Don't overlook this vital exercise in learning to release the emotions that are holding you back from being the best and most joyous person you know you can be.

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