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Common Excuses For Not Giving To Charity

By: Anthony Corrano

For the most part, people like to look at themselves as helpful people with altruistic motives. They like to think that they would be willing to do the right thing in any circumstance. But the world has a tendency to harden people and make them more skeptical. Inevitably, focus will shift almost exclusively to people's own problems. When asked to participate in charities, it will be easier to make excuses and come up with reasons to stay out of them.

There are a few excuses in particular that regularly come up as explanations for not giving to charities. Each of them can be overcome and people will always be satisfied with the end result. Charities play an important role in increasing the quality of lives of people all around the world. If someone has the means to donate of his or her money, time, or possessions, someone's life will be better off because of the selfless actions.

One of the most common excuses for not donating to charity is that a people don't think they have enough money. In some cases, this is a legitimate excuse and such people may actually be in need of charity themselves. But every little bit counts, and if you have just $5 to donate at a given time it will be appreciated. Instead of paying for an unnecessary item, donate the money to charity. Pack a lunch from home for a week instead of buying lunch every day and give the money you saved to an organization that will use it to help someone in tough circumstances.

The skepticism that comes into people's lives over the years will lead them to question whether donations to charity are actually going to help people in need. After all, charities need funds themselves to continue operations and some of the money will go to the people running the organizations. This concern can be overcome by searching for a charity with an established reputation and that provides services that you feel passionately about. Charities are more than happy to provide potential donors with specific examples of people they have helped.

Many people worry about being tricked into donating to a scammer posing as a charity organization. Unfortunately, such operations do exist. This is another obstacle that can be overcome by a little bit of research. Don't let a few bad people keep you from contributing to quality charities that actually make the world a better place.

Last of all, it can be tough for a person to comprehend that their contribution is actually helping in the grand scheme of things. If a company receives $1 million in charitable contributions throughout the year, for example, what difference will it make for a person to donate $15? The key here is to not think of it collectively. Think of what your donation will do to a specific individual. That may be what pays for someone's medicine or food.

If you can overcome the common excuses to avoid giving to charity, consider donating your car when you no longer need it. It can serve a purpose after you are finished with it and charitable organizations will ensure that it will be a tool in helping the overall mission of the charity.

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