You Can Make A Good Choice And Get Involved In Feeding Starving Children Right From Your Home

Read these words that have a compelling message. Read them thoughtfully and let the message strike your heart!

We have a chance to make one great choice. This good choice can be made in reaching out to them. Who are they? Our good choice can be made in showing great mercy. Mercy to whom? Your good choice can be made in a struggle we can win. What is the struggle?

This is it: See them in their countries, the children barely eating. They are weak from malnutrition. Can you hear their hungry weeping? I'm writing this to ask you to look within your heart. You can help us feed the starving wherever you are.

It is one fantastic choice and it's our chance to make it. One important choice draws us as we think about them hungry, starving, suffering with malnutrition in agony and pain. Seeing them makes us want to help them, even though we don't know their names. We all can work together and build it with our leverage. Our leverage is what we have when we work together, use a new business paradigm, and build upon each other. Just pass it on to others. Perpetuate the goodness.

One mighty choice can be exacted, because it is really our chance to make it. There is only one choice to get involved in that struggle we can win. Come and light the torch with the spark of your compassion. Help us feed the famished. Ignite your motivation. We can really feed them if we work together, not the rich only, but we the common people. There is power in this goodness. Accept the invitation.

The choice is here with your chance to make it. One important good choice is reaching out to them. One critical choice must be made to join in showing them great mercy. Get in that struggle that we can win this way. Goodness can come from within if we would make that one good choice.

Make that choice to get involved in the business approach for feeding starving children. We can actually feed all of the starving children in less than a decade if we join forces, one at a time, and find others to join with us, one at a time resulting in exponential growth.

For the Starving Children, Joe H.