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Focus Management Tips For Productivity

By: Jb Glossinger

Focus is critical. Like we say, focus management is critical. It is about focusing on the task at hand. If we could focus for an hour or two, we could get more done and things would get better. The average person reads 250-300/words per minute (the average reading speed). Since the 1970s, the reading rate has decreased. I blame this primarily on the lack of focus. We can't focus. We have not gotten better in the reading techniques. We could have faster reading and evolve. We have focus issues. There is a lot going on in our minds. Our minds are moving so fast that we get distracted. How many times have you read something and then you have to read it again? This is a lack of focus, comprehension, and memory.

Try this:

  1. The first thing we need to do is focus.
  2. The second thing we have to do is to allow the mind to absorb.
  3. The third thing is to watch your self talk. Be aware of separation, because the mind will grasp right onto that.
  4. The fourth thing is using triggers (associations) to remember something.
  5. The fifth thing is to relax. You can relax and instead of stress locking up your mind have the ability to grasp information when you need to. You can also relax and allow the information to push out of you, rather than get stressed out.


Build your intuitive muscle. Trust your intuition. Trust in that higher power that we talk about metaphysically, and allow things to happen for you. Things will happen, such as the right people coming into your life or the answers coming.


Build your mental muscle. You have this. You must believe it. You have to build the belief so you can relax and allow things to happen. Focus when you need to learn. Later, allow what you learned to come out. If it is a name, focus on it, make a crazy trigger, repeat it, relax. Come back to it a little later, relax, repeat the trigger, and relax. This will work. Your memory will get better. You will have focus and memory.

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