Candida Symptoms Body Odor - Keeping The Very Bad Odor Away

Some candida sufferers may be having a very bad body odor as part of candida symptoms, when soap and water could not be the solution. There is a friend who is also having major digestion problems which causes additional odors. She needs a suggestion on how to get rid of the bad odor.

I have the same problem. I can stay inside all day long, never break a sweat, and by bedtime I need to reapply antiperspirant. I don't even try to wear deodorant, even though antiperspirant contains aluminum. But, I do use the Tom's of Maine brand, as I'm sure it's a lot safer that most other antiperspirants. My naturopath told me that the body odor is generally a sign of glandular problems, for more specifically I think adrenal insufficiency was mentioned.

When I discussed this with my herb lady, she said it's in the blood so to speak. We discussed this issue and she relayed some interesting information to me. She said that she attended a lecture in which the speaker discussed cleaning out the blood. He said he wears no deodorant, bathes twice a day, and has no body odor. She explained that it takes 90 days to clean the blood, which can be done several ways. She also told me of her "bloodless" birth. She had been on the Candida program and then, like most of us, fell off the wagon because she was feeling so good.

After the birth of her first child she lost an incredible amount of blood, which I thought was "normal" in childbirth. After that, she was determined not to let that happen again, so she began eating right again and taking her supplements. She said with her second child she lost no blood, not even the "liver clot" that women who have had babies can relate to, another thing I thought was normal. I have to say in staying on the Candida program, that I can see a difference in my menstrual cycle. Don't know if this exactly answers your question, but to me, cleaning out your body, strengthening your systems, and eating properly should correct the problem, over time. Try sassafras tea or any other blood cleanser.