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Top 7 Questions People Ask About Acupuncture Theory

By: Kevin Doherty

This article presents answers to seven questions about acupuncture theory. The aim of the article is to give you insight on the concept of acupuncture theory and how it works as a legitimate healing method.

How old is acupuncture?

This healing method originated in China and dates as far back as 2,000 B.C.

Are needles required during treatment?

Yes, the needles play a big role during acupuncture treatment. They are used as tools to stimulate the qi flow inside the body from outside. While most people are scared of the pain that might be caused by the needles being inserted into the body, please be informed that you will not feel a thing during treatment.

What are meridians?

Meridians refer to divisions in your body that serve as map for acupuncturists so that they could differentiate the different systems where the qi flows.

Are meridians different from pressure points?

Pressure points or acupoints are found within the meridian. These points are the locations where the acupuncturists insert the needles to your body which help them stimulate the flow of qi in your body.

What is qi?

Qi refers to an internal energy that flows inside your body. Chinese people consider qi as the source of vitality. A balanced and proper distribution of qi in your body plays a key role to achieving good health.

How much pressure is needed during acupuncture treatment?

There is no exact calculation with regard to the amount of pressure needed during acupuncture treatment. Acupuncturists know by heart the amount of pressure required without causing harm to your body.

What are the causes of illness in our body?

Illness is attributed to two things, it is either brought upon by qi blockage or imbalance in the qi flow. The former may only require one or few sessions while the latter may take few more sessions.

Please do not forget the information presented above. You can use them to explain to others the basic concepts of acupuncture theory and to discuss with them the wonders of this ancient healing method.

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