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Sales Success Begins Between The Ears

By: Steven Watts

Think about the last time you went to a concert you didn't like. How much of your lack of enjoyment was the actual event, and how much was your mindset about being there in the first place?

Does a storm make you depressed, or make you feel alive?

When someone misses a sales appointment, do you chalk it up to their stupidity, or do you simply think that they have a demanding schedule?

The concept here is clearly this: How you react to the things that happen to you is a choice.

When you wake up in the morning, nobody tells you whether it's a good day or bad.

We don't live our lives in a vacuum. The "meaning" of the events in our lives is largely determined by criteria of our own choosing.

A writer from, Jonathan Fields, tells us that we place every moment in our lives into the form of a story. We connect events in ways that flow from one to the next, building a pattern.

And how those events affect us is almost always, without fail, a choice that we make.

Why are good sales people so hard to find? Because people who can control their mind sets in the ways that sales demands are rare.

Sales reps have to know that they can control their circumstances. If you don't know in your mind that you can control your level of success, it's difficult to effectively do the work that sales demands.

Almost all successful sales people have the ability to create a perspective that makes success internal, not external. They create an internal narrative, or story that governs how they put forth their effort, train and develop their skills, and approach their prospects.

Of course, it's not always possible to avoid circumstances that control the outcomes we want. But the majority of the time, how we perceive our circumstances has far more control on our success than the circumstances themselves.

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