Top 5 Things Not To Do To Win Back Your Ex

Ok so you the fact that you are reading this article tells me that you have broke up with your other half? Let's not start panicking! I know you are like a fish out of water right now but try and keep calm and take a deep breath for a minute.

I have some proven methods that can help you to get them back.

The first thing I need to say is there are a few things that you should avoid at all costs or you could damage your chances of getting your ex back.

Have you....

-Begged them for forgiveness or not to leave
- Said that you will change
- Text or emailed them constantly
- Accepted the blame for everything
- Threatened to harm yourself or even commit suicide

I am betting that you have done one or more of the above, its OK its not the end of the world because most people do something in the list above and still get an opportunity to win their ex back. But listen, it has to stop now. All of the points above are extremely unattractive to your ex and being unattractive at this point is not good. You need to do the complete opposite and get them interested in you again.

Timing with this is a crucial - waiting too long or moving too quickly can both be as important.

So my advice is to get a plan and stick to it. Don't be tempted to go against it or do anything from the list above. I really hope that you can use this information to help you make a start to get your loved one back.

Feel free to look at my other articles and good luck.