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Lighting Options For Storage Facilities

By: Anita Payton

When a person rents a storage facility unit, they choose a pin number that will allow them into the gate at any hour of the day or night. This means they need lighting in order to find their storage unit, unlock the lock, open the storage unit and turn flip the switch or pull the cord to have light in the units itself.

Now to make all the simpler and save money at the same time, you can install sensor lighting for the drive, the parking area, and even in the units themselves. You know how many times, renters leave on the lights in the units and you are the one that must pay the utility bill.

With sensor lighting, the lights will come on as the car pulls up to the gate allowing your renters to easily punch in their pin number. As they drive through the lot to their unit, the lights will come on automatically as soon as lights sense movement. As the unit door opens, the lights in the unit will come immediately so your renters will have plenty of light to see. The lights will stay on as long as the sensors notice movement.

When the renter is finished in his or her unit, they will close the door and head out. The lights will turn off in a few minutes after no motion is detected. How much money do you think you saved? The lights at the gate and in the lot are not staying on all night long and the renter did not leave the light on in the unit. You are now only paying for lighting when it is needed instead of all night long.

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