Want To Win Your Girlfriend Back: This Is How

You have just broken up with the love of your life. If you are going to win your girlfriend back you have to start thinking and looking at things differently. Continuing to do the same things is not going to bring her back any time soon.

I know that you are feeling a lot of pain and heartbreak right now. Maybe you are even feeling a little desperate. But it is time to check your ego and pride at the door my friend. You are going to have to accept that your relationship is over for now.

This is the first crucial step in how to win your girlfriend back. If you can wrap your head around this idea you will be far ahead of most guys that try to get their ex back.

Getting your girl back doesn't have to be difficult. It just takes a bit of self control on your part and some basic human psychology. There is a reason why some couples manage to get back together while others don't. The difference is what actions are taken by you and your girl after the break up.

Let's be honest here. Acting like a loon, calling her at all hours, showing up every where that she does is most likely going to back fire on you my friend. All that you are doing is pushing her farther away from you. This is one time not to listen to all your buddies. While they are trying to help, most likely their suggestions won't.

In fact what you want to do is just the opposite of what you may instinctively want to do. Instead of crowding your girl, let her have her space. I know, this seems counter productive but this is where the psychology part comes in to play.

What you need to do is to let your girl know that you are okay with the break up. Let her see that you intend to get on with your life. Get out there and enjoy your family and friends. Plaster a smile on your face and leave it there. Don't be afraid that she will be pushed away by this.

Be confident on the outside even if you aren't inside and show it. Confidence is something that women like in men and your girl won't be any different. Nothing will arouse your girls curiosity faster than if she thinks that you have changed. Again, some simple human psychology, but that is sometimes all it takes to win your girlfriend back into your life.

Once you have set the stage so to speak, the hard part comes. You have to keep your cool and summon up your courage. When she tries to contact you, you have to resist the urge to pick up where you left off.

This means no picking a fight and dredging up the past. Let those things go. You have to if you truly want to get your girlfriend back. Take things slowly, start fresh and show her the new you. You just may be surprised at how she reacts.

It may sound silly, but this is the time to woo your girl. Think of it this way, if you were dating a new girl what would you do? Why should it be any different with the girl that you are trying to win back?