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How To Shorten Breakup Recovery Time And Make It Easier

By: Johanna Baker

So how do you shorten breakup recovery time and make things easier? Get back together of course! Most of the time people split up for no good reason, and I am not saying that they split for no reason at all, but usually the reasons are not good reasons to separate. Most problems can be overcome easily with good communication and a desire to restore the relationship.

So perhaps the first thing is to decide whether you want to restore the relationship. If one of you has decided that they do not want to be with the other anymore, then there is little that you can do to keep the relationship going. Getting over your love is a matter of grieving the loss of your relationship and moving on with your life. If it was not meant to be, then they were not the right person for you. If on the other hand you have decided that your partner is the person for you, it will be much easier to persuade your partner to try again if you are convinced of this yourself.

First thing you will need to do is get together with your ex and talk about your future. Tell them that you are sorry for your part in what went wrong and ask them to forgive you. They may not be able to do this straight away but this an important first step to getting back together and starting new. Talk about what the problems are and find a way together to resolve them. Do not focus on whose fault it was but rather what the solution is and how to implement it.

Look at why you two should be together, common dreams and goals, what your plans are for the future individually and whether they are compatible, or able to be accommodated. Remember the good times that you have shared, and anything else that will help rekindle that spark of love, without being disrespectful.

It will not happen overnight, but if you love each other your relationship is worth fighting for. You will soon realize that you belong together, things like shared history, family and children will show you that you are meant to be a couple.

If the reason you split up was something like one of you had an affair, there is still hope to restore your relationship. Remember that if you once loved each other and one person had an affair, there is reason for it. It does not make it right, but usually it is only a symptom of a deeper issue, not a cause. Perhaps they were feeling neglected, or feeling the other person was distant or had "fallen out of love" with them, or simply too many drinks and being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Even though it is hard to accept that your love has been unfaithful, you can forgive and rebuild your relationship. Couples counseling can help your relationship get back on the right track, and work on better communication and coping skills. Bringing the affair out in the open, and talking about why it happened can help find the real issue, and with love and work both of you can find the solution.

Losing someone you love over some silly thing or even a painful thing, is something to avoid. Your love and your relationship is too important to sweep aside in an instant. So put how to shorten the "breakup recovery" out of your mind and focus on getting the love back your relationship, and building a happy future together.

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