Combat Hair Loss With An Alternative Therapy Like Electronic Acupuncture

Hair loss can be devastating to your self-esteem and undermine your self-confidence. Because people's first impressions are of physical appearances, a number of remedies to help grow back hair are often tried. If you are suffering from hair loss, called alopecia by doctors, have you considered electronic acupuncture? Based on the ancient Chinese principles of acupuncture, this complementary treatment just might help you grow back hair.

Basic Acupuncture Beliefs

The earliest Chinese believed your life's energy called qi flows through microscopic pathways called meridians that are located just beneath the skin. The principle behind any ailment is that one or more of these pathways becomes blocked. By inserting tiny needles in acupoints along these meridians, the natural flow of life energy can be restored, thereby resolving the ailment.

Electronic acupuncture is based on the same principles; however, only acupoints located on the hand and palm are stimulated through the application of electromagnetic waves delivered through the wand of a handheld electronic acupuncture device. Virtually all major primary functions of the body have corresponding points housed on the front and back of the hand.

Basic Causes of Hair Loss

A number of conditions exist that may cause or contribute to alopecia. For instance, hereditary factors may place a major part in losing your hair. Stress, anxiety and psychological problems are contributors. Fungal infections, hormonal changes, iron deficiencies, hyper- and hypothyroidism and even drug side effects are contributors to alopecia.

You can treat specific acupoints on your hand using an electronic acupuncture device, based on what caused the hair loss. For instance, if your doctor has indicated that hormonal issues are contributors, you could treat the area on your hand that corresponds with the endocrine system. Nutritional deficiencies may require that areas such as the kidneys be treated.

You could also set your electronic acupuncture device on the detection mode and run the handheld wand all over your hand until you feel heightened sensations. These specific areas could potentially indicate the parts of the body that may be contributing to your alopecia.

However, if no underlying cause can be pinpointed, chances are heredity is to blame. In this instance, you could stimulate the acupoints that point to the heart and blood vessels. Stimulating better blood flow can help heal the hair follicles and promote new hair growth. Devices that deliver electromagnetic wave impulses can be used in conjunction with traditional medical methods to treat hair loss as well. Acupuncture is an excellent complementary treatment.