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Treatment And Prevention

By: Christy S Smith

Foot pain is a common problem so much so that sometimes it is even difficult to carry on daily activities like walking, running or even standing. Ankle pain is caused due to the tissue named plantar fascia that lies at the bottom of the feet. What follows is sharp pain in the foot, even making it difficult to stand or walk. Avoid too much of physical activity, wearing tight shoes or walking barefoot to prevent this pain. Overweight persons also have problem of foot inflammation. People with flat feet are more likely to suffer from intense foot pain.

Prolonged standing can result in severe foot pain, even making it difficult to sleep at night. It can severely affect your health as well as mental peace. You can go with several pain relieving creams, but they offer temporary relief from pain. So, it is recommended that you talk to your doctor who may prescribe some medications to get immediate relief. You can also invest in some doctor shoals from local market and try it on. If you still have problem, you can visit a podiatrist, who may inject cortizone in the foot to stop pain.

Take good care of your feet and feet will care for you too. Always purchase comfortable socks and shoes-having best cushioning and arch support. If you find it hard to walk on the feet with shoes on, then insert doctor shoals. Always reduce weight on your feet, as this is one of the major reasons of foot pain.

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