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Candida Albicans As No Evil Beast - Born With Candida In Our Bowels

By: Angie Lindsey

From what I can gather, we are born with candida albicans in our bowels along with a mass of other bacteria, which help to break down and digest our foods. Candida only becomes a problem due to our modern lifestyle/pollution of water and stress. So, then, it gets the upper hand and as you don't have enough good bacteria in your digestive systems, and in the process makes you feel lousy.

Once the candida is put back into its proper place and reduced to a percentage that your body copes with, then you are feeling much better! I think it can be trial and error to find the supplements that suit your particular constitution. You have quite an armory to choose from. There are grapefruit seed extract, MSM, colloidal silver, lapacho, oil of oregano, caprylic acid, Turmeric, and I expect many other things that I can't write enough.

When you die, amongst other things, candida helps to put you back from whence you came to the earth, along with all the other bacteria in you! We are made up of the earths crust in terms of the mineral content. But, we all have many years ahead of you.

It is true that the candida misinterpreted your bad health as a need to start decomposing you! Knowing that fact helps you keep the whole thing in perspective that the candida is not an "evil beast", but rather it is just doing its job. It just received too many faulty orders! It is up to us to "convince" it to wait a while longer to carry out its duty.

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