Spice Up Your Marriage With A Sexy Trip Around The Corner

Need a sweet, inexpensive idea to spice up your marriage? Planning to take a vacation this year? If you are thinking about getting away from it all with your husband, even if only for a few days, consider someplace close to home. May I suggest the very state you live in?

Why Exploring Your Own State for Vacation is a Great Romantic Idea

Although the weak economy has everyone holding on to their wallets, we all need vacations. Vacations are your time to regroup, rearrange your priorities, reconnect with your husband - and most of all, just relax.

Exploring your home state is an inexpensive and sexy way to get a good vacation for many reasons. First and foremost, you live there, so planning your travels won't be difficult. If everything goes right, you'll feel far away even though you're only a few miles - and no more than a couple of hours - away from home. If something goes drastically wrong, then again, you're not too far to turn around and straighten out business.

You'll Get to See What Everyone Else Does

We don't realize what we have unless we're able to look at things with a fresh pair of eyes. Your home state is ripe with fun activities that will make you feel connected all over again - and probably in an even more effective way than you'd ever realized.

Check out your state's official homepage on the internet. Google your state and add the keyword "vacations" or "vacations for couples" and see what results pop up. You'll be pleasantly surprised at the results. Take a look over the findings and enjoy what's nearby. You can also visit the Travel & Tourism Bureau and see what delicious, previously unknown results pop up for you as well.

You Can Travel and Enjoy Romance + History

If you're going to be away for more than a week and plan to drive, then you can take advantage of some pretty nice historical sites. Plan a route that takes you through exciting historical sites in addition to dreamy points of interest. For example, if you're in New York, you might enjoy visiting Ellis Island, and then possibly getting a romantic dinner cruise around New York City in the evening.

What's great about traveling in-state is that you can also just pick up a phone book or search online and find a ton of local businesses to visit and support. Are there any local bed-and-breakfast cottages or well-known spas that you've heard of but never visited? Make it a point to start crossing these off on your list as you start thinking of ways to keep it fresh and exciting.

Now, many couples don't consider traveling a vacation unless they travel millions of miles away. But the truth is if you want time alone, but are on a tight budget, home state traveling is a great opportunity to experience romance and freedom. No, you're not making passionate love under the stars in Bali, but you are able to spice up your marriage and recreate the excitement of making love someplace new, even if it's only around the corner at your local hotel.