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Should I Call My Ex After They Dumped Me? Here's The Psychological Analysis - Don't Miss This One

By: Rob C.

When you get dumped by your ex girlfriend, the question you have is "Should I call my ex to get her back?" And deep inside, something tells you that you should actually not call her, because she dumped you, and this means she was fed up with you, and she needs some personal space. But you end up calling her anyway because the pain is too much to bear. But is calling right or wrong? Here's the analysis.

You Want What You Can't Get

This simple law governs much of our lives. This is the core of "humanity" - we want what we can't attain, which is why technologically we progressed so much. But the wheel and Facebook aside, this law is working against you right now.

Your ex knows that you want her back. Her mind processes you as something easy to have right now. Because, come on, all she needs to do in order to get you back is merely to call you and say the words "I want you back," and it's done. Not exactly difficult.

Your being so "easy" psychologically, and maybe subconsciously, makes her want you less. She is the "wanted" "desired" one right now. She is in the position to choose. It is making her want you a lot less.

So? Should I Call My Ex After Being Dumped?

Look - if you call her, you only reinforce this whole thing. No, don't call her. If you want her back, the only thing you have to do is to convince her that you don't need her anymore. That you could do without her. That you are not dying because she isn't with you.

Don't make her think she is superior to you - make her thing you're doing Just Fine post-breakup. This will resonate forcefully in her brain. Suddenly she is not in the position of choosing anymore. Before, she could either have you back or not - it was her choosing. Now it isn't - if she thinks you are gone forever, this will make her very uncomfortable. Trust me - this is how you get your ex back!

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