Licensed Practical Nurse - A Very Important Member Of The Medical Community

One job that has always been desirable all over the world is nursing. Even so, there are still not enough nurses to do all the work required in hospitals, and this is causing huge difficulties. Anyone who wants to make a career of nursing and becomes a licensed practical nurse, (LPN), will have job security for the foreseeable future.

Prospects look much better for this area of nursing than for others. The number of people being admitted to hospitals daily, is reason for concern for health authorities, as this number is so much greater than the number of nurses available to deal with these people.

This discrepancy has lead to many unfortunate "would-be" patients being turned away, simply because there is a scarcity of trained nursing staff to take care of them. What, perhaps is even worse, is that many actual patients in hospitals are sent home before they are ready, not fully cured, again due to a lack of licensed professionals to do the jobs required.

Any person of school leaving age interested in nursing, should give seriously consideration to training as a LPN. In this field it is predicted that available jobs will increase by 15% over the next years. Someone qualified as an LPN will be able to choose between jobs in private hospitals or health care centers, both of which are extremely short staffed in this area.

To be qualified to nurse in any of the above mentioned establishments, a young person enrolls in a Practical Nursing School as a student nurse, and then goes on to obtain their diploma or degree. One of the good things about this course is that it only lasts for 1 year. The subjects studied include; anatomy, biology, nutrition, pediatrics, obstetrics, physiology, and first aid. This is of immense value to a nurse in whatever field they pursue.

To explain better what a LPN does is simple. This nurse has direct contact with the patient and is responsible for many facets of the treatment, from admission to discharge, and obviously including recovery. Some of the duties involve, checking vital signs, feeding and collecting samples from the patient when necessary. This area of nursing pays better than most and also offers the possibility for contractual opportunities when a patient needs home care.

Once a nurse starts doing home care work, words of this tends to spread rather quickly and they often find themselves offered more of this type of work. These offers often come with large wages and interesting benefits. There is however a downside to home care work, and that is that the nurse has to enter into a contract that stipulates they have to take care of the patient indefinitely.

Anyone who has the aspiration to take care of sick or elderly people, wants to help others and is patient with a strong character, should not think twice about signing up to a nursing school, getting the diploma and becoming a licensed practical nurse. Doing so provides a good wage, more job security than most jobs offer these days, and last but not least, a great deal of job satisfaction, knowing they are helping others.