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The Most Expensive Coffee - Coffee Beans Are The Main Factor

By: Evan Freeman Lee

Whenever you have thoughts about drinking coffee, you most likely think about having coffee from Starbucks. Basically, most people in the world are aware of the big names in the commercial coffee making industry. However, can you can be sure that these companies are giving the best, since the price tag that comes along is not cheap.

These instant coffee houses make huge profits yearly. Yet they do not offer the most expensive beans one can ever imagine. The most expensive coffee in the world comes along the lines with mammals known as civets. This animal, raccoon like eat ripe cherries which contain the kopi luwak coffee beans and after some digesting and fermentation of the juicy parts of the cherries, the beans are eventually excreted.

After the excrement is collected, they will be washed and dried. Following that, begin a process of breaking the beans apart, removing the skin and anything else that comes along with the civet's excretion. After the thorough cleansing process, the beans are then sorted and ready to hit the stores.

If you had not come into contact with such beans before, it probably might be informational to you that a mere half pound of such can cost as high as $60, easily few folds what you might pay for normal coffee beans. That is what the most expensive coffee in the world will taste like and it is all because of the beans.

If you like to know more about how to appreciate coffee, the luwak coffee beans are something you should try. Do not be fooled by the many companies claiming to produce coffee from the beans of such. Do your research well for fake coffee beans can never replace the authentic taste to get the most expensive coffee we know of.

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