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The Tips In Effective Studying

By: Amy Masterson

Studying for that midterm exam can be nerve-racking for students. The pressure of ultimately making it through the college years rest upon how you do well in those exams so you begin to form a study habit. But, which one is effective and which is not? Here are some quick and easy study tips to help you with your predicament.

Rewrite everything down from your notes to the handouts that were given to you by your instructor. As you rewrite them, your brain will be asking questions as to why you are writing it down, what you are writing down, and what is the relevance of writing it down.

Never put yourself in an aggravated situation while studying. Always find your comfort zone first before you begin your study session. Have a full meal before studying. Never study if you feel sleepy. Your brain will simply shut down.

Cramming is no good especially if you are to study for an exam. The brain can only manage to store small amounts of information when you are cramming and you end up mixing all the facts together and you end up answering differently.

Be in a comfortable atmosphere when you are studying. If you are comfortable studying on your bed or at a study table with the lights on, then go ahead and pull an all nighter with it but be sure to be able to last long.

Scientific research has proven that men are able to concentrate more when the lights are dim enough for them to see while women are more susceptible to learning when the lights are bright and there are limited noises.

The TV or the laptop can be forms of distraction and should be taken out while you are studying. If you have friends coming over, schedule them some other time and focus on studying.

Take some form of break and enjoy a snack outside the place where you study. Let your brain take a break from information overload by walking around outside or grab a cup of coffee from a nearby coffee shop.

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