Build A Chicken Coop Effectively On A Small Budget

By: Arman Logan

Building a chicken coop entails a lot of things that you have to take care of, in case you want to make your chicken coop effective for your chickens. Following are some of the important tips you can employ to build the chicken pen effectively.

First of all, you have to ensure that the size of your chicken coop is appropriate and in line with the number of chickens you are rearing. Too many chickens in a small coop can not only hamper the egg-laying ability of your chickens but will double the chances of spreading different diseases in your flock as well.

An effective chicken coop is the one that protects your chickens from not just the hungry predators but the harsh climate as well. So you have to make sure, the chicken house is built on a raised ground or has fence around it.

For protecting the birds from harsh climate, it is your responsibility to take measures for proper ventilation in summers and insulation in winters. For ventilation, you can install windows that can be opened whenever you want while for insulation you need to use heaters.

If you are tight on budget, you can save up on money by building the chicken pen at a place where it is easy for you to keep the chickens under close watch. But bear this in mind that the place needs to be well-lit and should not be dark and wet in any case. Wash the coop twice or thrice in a week and do not let the water accumulate in it.